Church History

ELM GROVE Baptist Church

The First Phase

The Elm Grove Baptist Church has a rich heritage of worship and service in the Eden Park Community as well as the distant shores of this world. The church is grounded on a strong sense of “from whence we’ve come,” a solid background in Christian Education, and a legacy of positive influence in community affairs.

The church began in the home of Brother George and Sister Carrie Walks at 645 North 38th Street (then known as Orange Street) in around June of 1925. Since its beginnings, EGBC has been led by men chosen by God. Those men include: Evangelist I.H. Lusk, Rev. H. O’Dell, Rev. J. Cyrus, Rev. Joe White, Rev. A.L. Pitcher, Rev. J.R. Williams, and Rev. Errol K. Domingue. Each one used his God-given abilities to lead the people of God for his season.

The Second Phase

Under the pastorate of Rev. Williams, who served from 1952 until 2000, EGBC experienced its most significant expansion. Deemed by many as “The Walking Encyclopedia,” Rev. Williams led the congregation in the institution of membership training institutes, stewardship revivals, city mission schools, interdenominational and inter-racial services, the establishment of a child development center, and missions work in Liberia, West Africa. In addition, he served as God’s leader when the Lord decided to move the church to its present site and construct a new sanctuary and education building. Rev. Williams was called from his labor to divine rest in June 2000. In July 2000 its elected Rev. Domingue as the church’s seventh pastor.

Today's Journey

Today, The Grove continues to build on the legacy of the men and women who gave of themselves to work in this portion of God’s vineyard. This is still a place “where prayers can be heard and mercy can be found…” God has made our numbers grow in the new millennium. We engage in Spirit-filled corporate worship at least three times per week. We gather for at least four different Bible Study sessions at the Church, and there are Bible Study sessions with various groups all around the city.  There are approximately 30 “official” ministries at work and countless other individuals and groups who minister to the needs of God’s people as He provides. Ultimately, the Grove is a place of continual praise, prayer, proclamation, and ministry.

We have recently purchased 14+ acres of land on Greenwell Springs Road and are in the process of seeking God’s guidance for “the when – the what – and the how” of the our new facilities. To God be the glory!

Our Vision

We pray, work, and give cheerfully to ensure that God’s people are empowered to…

  • Have a purposeful, fulfilling relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Exercise faith through service and civic activism
  • Establish and maintain a healthy positive lifestyle
  • Be successful in their professional, vocational, and educational pursuits
  • Become financially responsible and secure

Our Mission

The Elm Grove Baptist Church exists to promote and sustain the spiritual, moral, and social transformation of people and the community through the words and deeds of the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while following HIS example of ministry to the whole person.

Today's Journey

We operate under the divine mandate to make divine connections. It is our contention to purposefully…

  • Connect people to our church
  • Connect ourselves to one another
  • Connect everyone to our God

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